Check Total Home built this sunroom onto the back of a home here in Carrollton. It overlooks the pool and offers a warm setting to entertain family and friends. The first couple of pictures in the picture galley show a before and after shot of the addition. The construction is wood framing over a new foundation system. The foundation is block and brick to match the existing house.

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EPDM membrane roof

We installed an EPDM elastomeric roof system over the front porch of this house in Carrollton. The system consist of a high density cover board that is mechanically attached to the existing wood deck. The rubber membrane is a product made by Firestone Building Products. It is 60 mil thick and makes for a durable roof especially on areas that do not have much slope. It is fully adhered to the substrate. The transitions to the wall are flashed in a way to prevent water from being able to get into the system. The edges at the gutters are terminated with a custom built metal flashing. These types of roofs offer about 20 years of service with minimal maintenance. Single ply roofs are available in black or white membranes.

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Pesky termites

I see termites a lot. When I am splitting wood for my wood heater I find them in the wood. It is a natural part of the process of the decomposition process of wood that has been in contact with the ground. The termites consume the wood and return it to the soil. In nature it is a good thing. When they get into the wood in your home it is bad. They can destroy a board in just a few days. If left alone, they will move from the first board to the next and beyond. They are very sneaky in their approach. Termites need water and they need food. If they have both then there is nothing to stop them from destroying a home. We use pressure treated lumber in areas that are exposed to the elements and/or the ground. The treatment in the lumber makes it undesirable as food to the termites. We also use masonry products such as block or brick in areas that contact the ground. This is a good deterrent to the destructive bugs. 

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