Fall is a wonderful time of the year

I love the beginning of the seasons. The leaves are turning colors again and that marks the start of fall weather. It is a great time to get things done around the house. As the days get shorter, it doesn’t leave much time to get anything done in the evenings. That is where we can help. Check Total Home is here to help you with your home maintenance needs. “Top to bottom, inside & out”.

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Shingle re-roof

This re-roofing project was completed in one day. It involved tearing the existing shingles off. Once the old shingles are out of the way, we inspect and repair the wood decking as needed. A new layer of felt is then installed over the entire area. Ice and watershield is installed in the valleys for an extra layer of protection. New architectural shingles with a lifetime warranty were then  installed. Venting and flashings completed the job. All debris was cleaned up and hauled away. It was a long day but in the end, the roof was beautiful.

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