Roof deck

Shingle roofs are generally installed over plywood decking. Most residential roof decks are 1/2″ plywood or Oriented Strand Board(OSB). Both types are acceptable for standard roofing applications in a non-coastal area. The picture here shows an OSB deck where the old shingles have been removed. When re-roofing a house it is important to make sure…

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Damaged roof

Architectural shingles are a great choice for your home. They offer good protection from the elements and last longer than the old 3-tab shingles. Unfortunately they are not always installed correctly. The shingles in this picture were not nailed in the right place. This is worse on steep slopes. What happens when the shingles are…

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Shingle re-roof

This re-roofing project was completed in one day. It involved tearing the existing shingles off. Once the old shingles are out of the way, we inspect and repair the wood decking as needed. A new layer of felt is then installed over the entire area. Ice and watershield is installed in the valleys for an…

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