EPDM membrane roof

We installed an EPDM elastomeric roof system over the front porch of this house in Carrollton. The system consist of a high density cover board that is mechanically attached to the existing wood deck. The rubber membrane is a product made by Firestone Building Products. It is 60 mil thick and makes for a durable roof especially on areas that do not have much slope. It is fully adhered to the substrate. The transitions to the wall are flashed in a way to prevent water from being able to get into the system. The edges at the gutters are terminated with a custom built metal flashing. These types of roofs offer about 20 years of service with minimal maintenance. Single ply roofs are available in black or white membranes.

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Handyman Carrollton Georgia

Check Total Home Maintenance is a locally owned service company in  Carrollton Georgia. Mark Braden is the owner and has been serving the West Georgia area for for over 30 years. We try to stay away from the word handyman because we have raised the bar on service and quality to a standard that is usually only reserved for the commercial industry. We cover all aspects of home maintenance. Interior and exterior from top to bottom. Most of our projects involve multiple areas such as framing, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, siding, roofing, foundations and everything in between. You can search through our website and find pictures from many of our projects. You will find pictures on the blog that show roofing projects, tile showers, single ply roofing projects, window replacement, rotted wood replacement, painting and trim work. The blog is always being updated and current so check in regularly. We stay local to the Carrollton area and have a great list of references. Serving is our highest goal. We are here for you on the large or small projects. From taking care of that list of small things to adding that addition to the house, we can handle it.