Linear shower drain

Stainless steel grate

Linear drain

We just competed a custom tile shower that has a linear drain system. It allowed us to slope the floor pan all one direction. The drain runs the width of the shower and has a tray that directs the water into the waste water drainage system. There is a removable stainless steel strainer. There are several color options for the strainer including one that can be tiled to match the floor. It works really well and has a nice, clean appearance.

clear glass door

Full length shower

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More about linear drains

When considering remodeling a bathroom with a custom built shower you should know the options that are available. There is a multitude of types and styles of tile for use in a shower. There are different styles of benches and cubbies. The pan can slope to the center of the shower into  standard drain or to an outside wall as seen above. We usually install some type of accent tile to give it a flair. There are many options available for shower doors or curtains. The doors can slide or pivot. They are usually made of tempered glass from 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick. They can be clear of opaque. Framed or frameless. There is a lot to consider but we can help make it easy. Give us a call.

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