Shingle roof

Finished roof in aerial view


This is a shingle roofing project that was a little more complicated than usual. The landscaping around the house was intricate with beautifully sculpted shrubbery. There were many bird houses and potted plants. Tables, chairs and keepsakes all around. The old roofing has to be removed and deposited into a dumpster. This requires a delicate touch. The process went very well. The new roof was installed along with new skylights and everything turned out beautiful. We installed an architectural shingle over new felt. The pitch of the roof is steep. It rises 10 inches for every 12 inches. Definitely too steep to walk on without slipping. The whole process took a little over one day to complete. The old roof was removed, deck repairs made, felt and shingles were installed in one day with just a few details left for the next morning. A thorough clean up was performed including several sweeps with magnets. In the end there is a beautiful new roof and another happy customer.

Below are more pictures..


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  1. Jane Walker on March 15, 2018 at 7:54 am

    Wow. Just wow. You did an amazing job Mark and I’m beyond pleased. Thank you so much for a most excellent and professional job completed ahead of schedule.
    I will be calling you soon for more projects.